Learning Programs

Overview of our learning program

  • LOTE Program-Japanese
  • Physical Education, Interschool Sport and a Perceptual Motor Program
  • Comprehensive Arts Program - Visual Arts and Music
  • Intensive Swimming Program
  • Dedicated and caring teaching staff
  • Extension Programs at all levels
  • Prep Transition Program and a Grade 6/Prep Buddies Program
  • Instrumental Tuition including strings, keyboard, guitar and piano
  • Years 3-6 Camps
  • Year 2 Sleepover
  • Before and After School Care Program 
  • Computers / laptops and iPads in every classroom
  • Computer Laboratory and ICT specialist teacher
  • Well resourced ICT program
  • Opportunities for parental involvement
  • A rich educational environment through a challenging curriculum
  • Feeder school to many surrounding secondary schools