Curriculum Overview

Carnegie Primary School offers a comprehensive curriculum that is fully in line with the Victorian Curriculum. We strongly emphasise the development of skills in English and Mathematics. Specialist programs are offered in the Arts, Physical Education, ICT and a language other than English, Japanese, with a perceptual motor program (PMP) provided in prep. An overview of our whole school approach to other areas of the curriculum including History, Science and Humanities is covered in our CPS  ‘Discovery’ Scope and Sequence. 


We are committed to implementing a comprehensive, rich and inclusive curriculum program that:

  • is outcome focussed;
  • is engaging and relevant and enables students to develop deep levels of knowledge, processes and skills for life-long learning;
  • is differentiated in approaches to teaching that cater for the needs of students with a range of interests, abilities, skills, and motivation;
  • provides opportunities for students to think, reflect and become independent, resourceful and adaptable learners;
  • enables students to interact with other students and the wider community;
  • is compliant with Department of Education and Training (DET) policies and based on the Victorian Curriculum. 


Teachers at Carnegie Primary School work very hard to identify and respond to the learning needs of all students.  Teaching teams work closely together in monitoring student progress and differentiating the curriculum so that students are both challenged and supported in their learning, across all areas of the curriculum.

In differentiating the curriculum teachers consider a student’s readiness, interests and capabilities. As a consequence, students often work in a variety of small groups with children of similar needs or interests.

The teaching team at Carnegie Primary plan all aspects of the curriculum together to ensure high levels of consistency and continuity across the school.  Collaborative planning and the sharing of knowledge and expertise supports the ongoing professional learning and performance of all our teachers.