Performing Arts/ Music

At Carnegie Primary the aim of our Music Program is:

  • To develop in students an enjoyment and appreciation of music which will continue throughout their lives.
  • To develop their knowledge about the elements of music ie rhythm, beat, pitch, dynamics, structure, harmony, tempo, form, function, etc
  • To develop in students a sense of achievement by providing opportunities for creativity and expression through music, dance and instrument playing.
  • To provide awareness of different styles/genres of music and the associated historical/ cultural background of the music and to encourage their appreciation of them.

Performance is an important aspect of a music program. It provides students with a sense of purpose as they rehearse and present their work to an audience. This is an enjoyable and exciting time as they prepare for special occasions such as the biannual Carnegie Primary School concert at the Robert Blackwood Theatre (for all age levels) combining elements of drama, dance, movement and singing.


We offer visiting instrumental teachers in keyboard, strings, piano and guitar for students in year 2 and beyond. Parents liaise with the providers and pay for these programs on a term-by-term basis. Instrumental students are encouraged to perform at assemblies and school events.