Physical Education Program

The promotion of healthy living and active leisure time activities are deemed to be of the highest priority. The connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind is an important part of living a happy life.

Physical Education is a sequentially developed and comprehensive skills based program from Prep–6. It offers:

  • Perceptual Motor Program – Prep
  • Fundamental and Complex Motor Skills - of running, jumping, coordination, bouncing, throwing, catching, kicking and striking 
  • Fitness Activities
  • Gymnastics
  • Athletics
  • Dance
  • Modified Games
  • Minor & Major Games
  • Swimming - Prep–6

The Sports Program offers:

  • Intra-school Carnivals in Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics
  • Inter-school competition in terms 2 and 4 and Lightning Premiership in terms 1 and 2
  • Winter Season (Grades 5–6) - Football, Soccer, Netball and T-ball
  • Summer Season (Grades 5–6) - Basketball, Volleyball/Volley Stars, Cricket and Softball 
  • District Swimming, Cross-Country and Athletics Carnivals
  • Division Competitions
  • Regional Competitions
  • State Competitions

All students are designated a "House" when they are enrolled at Carnegie Primary School. Our House Names are: Koornang (Green), Neerim (Red)Truganini (Blue) & Kokarrib (Yellow).